Where to Eat in Yukon?

Yukon is home to some delicious delicacies. There are First Nation influences in almost everything. Ranging from Bannock burgers, salmon pate to buffalo oriented dishes, they are all filled with unique flavours that have visitors coming again and again.

Klondike Rib and Salmon

This is one of the oldest working buildings in Whitehorse. It was actually featured on the Canadian food network as one of the must-go places to eat. Full of locals (always a good sign), the specialties are Northern foods. With their own smokehouse, the restaurant offers a wide variety of smoked meats, fresh ocean fish and wild game meat as a large part of its excellent menu. Filled with an old feel charm, it is a welcoming place to eat.

Where to Eat in Yukon?

Wolf It Down Restaurant

Just 15 minutes from Watson Lake, this restaurant offers buffalo steaks and burgers, their specialty is in the barbeque ribs. Open all year, they offer delightful home cooked food and even have ice cream. For those less cold summer days, there is an outside seating area where guests can enjoy the view whilst ‘wolfing down’ some of the delicious food.

Bonanza Dining Room

Located in the Eldorado Hotel, Bonanza is a perfect example of what Northern hospitality looks like. Filled with an historic feel, the service is second to none. Planning a visit to Dawson City is easy whilst enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner. Specialties are pasta and also delicious char-broiled steaks.

Klondike Kate’s Cabins and Restaurant

Slightly pricey but worth it, this restaurant is set in an authentic gold rush building. A favourite of locals because the restaurant uses local ingredients and seasonings in its creations. The excellent food is a true representative of the local cuisine and is chock full of local-grown Yukon herbs. A fun filled atmosphere, a feature not to be missed here is the smoked barbeque. All of this is set in the centre of Dawson City.

Sanchez Cantina

Something a little different, this is a Mexican restaurant and the only one with authentic flavours in the whole of the Yukon. Situated in Whitehorse, the restaurant has been in operation for over twenty years and initially started as a tiny shop. It soon blossomed into the full-blown restaurant it is today. Cosy and colourful, the taste of Mexico has been brought to Canada. From salsa to flan, there are a plethora of traditional Mexican dishes all still seasoned by the one and only Senora Sanchez herself.