Tourism: Larger Than Life

The Yukon is 80% wilderness and as such most of the tourism activities revolve around the outdoors. From simple hikes through the wilderness to view the natural beauty and wildlife of the area, to sporting events such as kayaking or dog sledding, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the vast openness that is the Yukon.

Walking with Nature

There is so much stunning landscape to be viewed it can be hard to take it all in. the best way to truly experience it is by hiking and there are vast numbers of trails for just that purpose. These cater to all needs from the simple trekking of grasslands to climbing up mountainsides and retracing historical trade routes. Iconic trails are Chilkoot or Cottonwood but there are plenty of paths for those that prefer a little alone time. Mountain biking is another popular method to view the wildlife and allows more ground to be covered though the routes can be arduous. Horse riding is another option and there are multiple length riding trips as well. If this is all too much though, there are some excellent driving routes through which a vast amount of the landscape can be seen and admired.

Tourism: Larger Than Life

Extreme Nature

There are a plethora of sporting activities that can be enjoyed in the Yukon. Kayaking, rafting, snow boarding and sledding are just a few of them. Huge rivers run through the Yukon and these can be calm or fast. For those that would prefer a sedate kayak through this majestic landscape there are rivers such as the Big Salmon, the Teslin of of course the Yukon river itself. These all offer excellent wildlife viewing opportunities but also fishing spots, incredible scenery and the occasional little rapid. If this is still too much then there is flat water to be found at Tagish, Five Mile and Chapman lakes to name but a few. Rafting is another popular pastime and there are many white water rafting companies that can offer thrill rides down Alsek and Firth rivers.

For those that might want to get a more authentic feel of how the Gold Rush might have been, there are plentiful opportunities to go dog sledding. These trips can range form a simple overnight trip for the beginner to three days and more for the more experienced or simply more adventurous folk out there.